About us

A cut above the rest since 2013

Formed in 2013 JAG Industries have developed into a world-renowned hydraulic engineering company. We design, manufacture and supply our cutting-edge JAG Hydraulic Cutting Equipment to a global Customer base. We believe in excellence at every stage from design through to delivery guaranteeing you a world class product.

We supply equipment to the following industry sectors:
  • On/ Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning and Production
  • SHIPPING/ Military Engineering/ OIL and GAS FRACKING
  • On/ Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and well maintenece
  • SUBSEA ENGINEERING/ Marine Renewable Energy
  • Nuclear Power Decommissioning and Generation
  • Rescue/ SALVAGE
JAG Industries has the knowledge, expertise, years of experience and an ever expanding range of hydraulic cutting equipment capabilities which makes us confident we can supply and meet with your application requirements.

Working with you

We have established numerous long-standing working relationships with some of the world’s leading names within the Offshore Energy and Nuclear power industries. Our team can work with you to establish exactly what you require and develop and manufacture the perfect hydraulic cutting solution. We have produced products for:

  • Oil and Gas Offshore exploration and Decommissioning work & subsea engineering work to cut power cable, wire rope, tube, structural section, and telecommunications cable.
  • Emergency disconnect devices to cut ship moorings made of wire rope, Kevlar rope and hemp rope.
  • Emergency cutting devices used in Offshore rescue and salvage work to cut wire rope and power cables.
  • Emergency disconnection device to cut submarine sonar cable made of titanium.
  • Removal of subsea chain anchoring systems.
  • Maintenance work tool to cut redundant cable, structural section and wire rope.
  • Used as a production tool in manufacturing plants to cut chain, wire rope, bar and wire.
  • Used in underground mining to cut redundant chain, power cables and wire rope

Plus, many more. Whatever the requirement, our design team can work with you to develop the perfect hydraulic cutter.

JAG, researching & developing for industry

JAG is the UK’s leading manufactured hydraulic cutting equipment brand. Our research and development team have been designing and producing quality hydraulic cutting solutions with over 30 years experience in the industry. Our equipment has been specifically engineered to meet the toughest production requirements and are ideally suited to operate within the following intense operating enviroments:

Offshore Oil & Gas Decommissioning

Manufacturing & Maintenance

Subsea Engineering, Exploration & Production

Construction, Demolition & Mining

Nuclear Power Decommissioning & Generation

Offshore Renewable Energy, Salvage, Rescue & Shipping