Other services

A cutting-edge hydraulic service provider

Material analysis and test cutting

Our material analysis and test cutting service can help to establish you get the right hydraulic cutting equipment for the job. Contact a member of the team today and arrange a cutting test, report and optional photos, video and material analysis if required

Servicing and repair

We offer a range of service plans to ensure that your hydraulic cutting equipment is always safe and fit for purpose. We offer a full repair service using only OEM approved parts to ensure long lasting reliability of your hydraulic cutting equipment.  We work with our logistics partners to ensure the safe collection and return delivery of your equipment ready for reuse.


Our team of engineers are on-hand to help quickly identify the root cause of your problem with your hydraulic cutting equipment. Under a warranty claim we will repair the damage, arrange for our logistics partners to quickly collect and then return your hydraulic cutting equipment ready and fit for purpose.

A leading-edge approach

As well as the manufacture and supply of world class hydraulic cutting equipment for industry, we also support current and new customers with a leading-edge approach to servicing, repairs, material analysis and test cutting. We work with our international Customer base to ensure their hydraulic cutting equipment is always fit for purpose.

Our team supporting yours

We work predominantly supporting the Offshore energy and Nuclear power industries, however the quality of our products and the attention to detail of our engineers mean our services can be adapted to suit an array of differing industry sectors including:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas decommissioning
  • Shipping
  • Offshore winching
  • Construction industry
  • Offshore oil and gas exploration
  • Mining industry
  • Offshore towing
  • Nuclear power decommissioning
  • Subsea engineering
  • Offshore mooring
  • Waste management industry
  • Demolition industry
  • Naval nuclear decommissioning
  • Oil and gas fracking industry
  • Manufacturing industry
A guarantee of quality

We believe in quality and adopt a customer focussed approach to our manufacturing and servicing. As a result, we include a 6 month warranty on all of our products for our UK customers and 12 months warranty to all of our international Customers guaranteeing you that JAG products are always fit for purpose. We can also offer extended warranty packages on application.