Case study B

Location: CANADA

Project: Aluminium Extrusion facility upgrade

Scope of works:

To supply a hydraulic cutting system which would be multi-rotational and depoly a cut in 4 seconds. This was for use in an aluminium extrusion facility to cut 70mm x 70mm aluminium bar at a temperature of 450 degree C

Equipment supplied:

Cutter package comprising – JAG SPHCH95 hydraulic rebar cutter head with a multi-rotational bracket, designed so the hydraulic cutter could be operated while being suspended from a tool balancer, this was required so the operator could safely move with the speed of the extruding aluminium bar while cutting it into 2 metre lengths,  Hydraulic power pack with control box comprising – Low pressure power pack with a 40LPM flow rate,  22KW electric motor, 250L oil reservoir, air blast oil cooler, electric control box, hydraulic hose assemblies, gauges, valves and twin isolation control units to avoid accidental release

Order awarded:

JAG hydraulic cutting equipment was chosen for this application because of its ability to design, manufacture and supply a bespoke cutter product that forfilled the technical brief


The equipment was well received by the Client which has now led to recent enquiry for a reorder of the same equipment for a further planned new production line facility