Case study D

Location: UK

Project: Berkeley site decommissioning phase

Scope of works:

To supply a hydraulic cutting system to size reduce radioactive control rods. This was for use in a remote ops area using a manipulator to cut 50mm stainless steel tube with mild steel and boron inserts

Equipment supplied:

Cutter package comprising –  1 x JAG HCU114 hydraulic tube cutter unit with optional high return line pressure seal configuration to prevent the cutter from jamming in this hazardous environment, optional fixed latch assembly and replacement cutting blade, Pump unit package comprising – 1 x Hydraulic electric pump,  pressure gauge, valve adaptor and hydraulic hose assemblies

Order awarded:

JAG hydraulic cutting equipment was chosen for this application because of the ability to be operated remotely and used easily in conjunction with a manipulator


The equipment was well received by the Client and they were so impressed with the equipment’s performance that a repeat order followed 6 months later